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October6, 2009

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CHOICES: Black Women Interracial & Intercultural Marriage BOOK 2 is AVAILABLE now in Paperback. CLICK!

This book is a MUST-Read for any AA girl 12 and over. Please get it and give it as a gift BEFORE she makes a mistake.
It's a page-turner, so she will read it. It will force her to make better CHOICES in males because it will teach her the importance of vetting any male who shows interest in her. It teaches her the types of qualities and traits to look for in any male.

The many discussions in this book--including the long notes from several white males--will expand views on this topic and life in general. The crucial first step in uplifting black women, in general, is uplifting/expanding their thinking about themselves and their options in all areas of life. Uplifting the thinking precedes everything else. When any person does not believe they have other options, s/he will continue to go to the same watering holes, even though the water there may be poisonous.

I will give some of these books away to some of the young bw in my area. We need to reach them BEFORE they make the mistake. My work is devoted to that goal.

The Sister site is HERE and 'You're Invited.' Lots more essays, pics, videos, articles, and Podcasts over there.

Black Women: Interracial and Intercultural Marriage BOOK 1--First and Foremost

6 x 9 Paperback: Buy Now
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All of the books in the series contain provocative essays and penetrating comments as bw, non-black men, and others come together to discuss the currents and nuances in the social scene that have caused the surge in African American women dating and marrying non-African-American men. Book 3 Also Available. CLICK!

Please come over to the NEW SITE and see plenty more pics and videos of bw in IR marriages and relationships. Continue reading some of the most enlightening and provocative articles and commentary anywhere from and about black women who are taking advantage of ALL of their romantic options and dating, loving, marrying, and raising families with lovable and loving men throughout the global village.