New Site with my PODCASTS and Sale of my Book and Essays to be Launched!

Yes, changes, changes. Well 'the only thing constant is change.' I'm going to launch a new site featuring podcasts and the sale of my book and essays. My Gen II blog is closing in a matter of days. This site will remain here with some modifications.

The new site focuses on the positive aspects of interracial and intercultural (other cultures of same "race") relationships involving black women. The podcasts and other material will focus on the various dimensions of black women LIVING WELL including philosophies, strategies, techniques, etc. that black women can use to vastly improve their relatiohships and their lives in general. The new site is NOT for everyone. I realize that some black women would prefer (for their own reasons) to remain with what's familiar to them. I support those women in their choices because I support black women's choices. However, I think there should be places for black women who are at every stage to feel at home.

The new site won't only focus on male-female relationships BUT that's a key component in the lives of a great proportion of adult human beings, so it deserves a lot of attention. This is in line with my belief that a satisfying/fulfilling relationship with a committed partner can greatly improve the lives of many black women. Pairing off with a committed other is one of the pillars of living a content, well-rounded life as an adult. I've always been able to get and maintain a loving, successful relationship with a quality man, so I feel I have a few things I can share with other women about this area of life. I invite other black women who've been successful in relationships AND other realms of life (business, health, education, childrearing, personal growth, spirituality (not religion) etc.) to contact me in order that we may SHARE what we have learned with others who desire it.

The new site is NOT a place to discuss unsuitable African American men or unsuitable men of any type or the broad topic of racism beyond a brief and pertinent mention. Enough is enough. I've 'been there, done that, got the picture and the tee shirt.' LOL! Endless talking about the pain from both of those areas is not going to change them and does nothing but cause black women to invest more good energy after bad. A big part of living well is investing good time and energy into good investments. So let's focus on investing well or ONLY in what we want instead of what we don't want.

Read this ARTICLE about this BW-Wm couple. (Simon Cowell and girlfriend, Terri Seymour) This is a perfect case of a woman investing good time and energy in a bad investment IF she wants what she says she wants.

I also agree with some who say that too many AA women--who claim to be interested in dating/long-term relationships with non-black men or non-African American men--CONTINUE to talk about nothing but black men or AA men! LOL! I believe that the main reason why many AA women do this is because their experiences with men have been largely or solely with black men. So most people (females, males, of all backgrounds) are simply STUCK on the familiar simply because they've never been exposed to much of anything else. People tend to talk about what they know about. It's next to impossible for any person to talk for long about what they don't know about. Be that as it may, I personally don't want to discuss that topic anymore--since this is an interracial marriage site and the new site will have both an interracial & intercultural focus.

To sum up my position for those who are new to my site/views, I have always advised black women to do the work necessary to just move on from any pain and disappointments from past relationships. There comes a time when a bad situation has to be learned from, and made peace with inside, and then learn how to go on with life and behold all of the wonderful choices in life. The alternative is to just stay stuck and paralyzed forever in pain. Take your pick.

However, for those who want to continue to talk about AA men, there are many other sites where those discussions are available.

So, as I said, my book and essays will be available for sale when I launch the new site. I've been working on it and will notify you and include a link here when it's ready.